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Welcome to Apextar Academy

We are committed to your learning and to provide a quality higher education experience that will give you real options for your future. Whether you want to further study a degree or if you’re looking to be equipped and go straight into a job, with us you’ll be fully equipped. Here you’ll meet new friends, learn all the skills with confidence and towards a successful future!



Why choose us?


Achievement | 成就

Your achievement is our number one priority and we equip students with important skills and knowledge for working in the business environment.



Freedom and Flexibility | 自由与伸缩性

You won’t be tied under a system, you are free to set goals you want to achieve and toward a better future by jumping up to the next level of the field.



Career-focused Education | 就业导向

Our courses are designed according to the requirements of the related industries. You will be equipped to use the latest skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of your future careers.

我们的课程是根据各行业的要求而设计的。 您将学会使用最新的技能和知识来应对未来就业的挑战。


Strategic Location | 交通方便

Apextar Academy is located in the center of the city, with easy access by LRT and public transport.



Learning with Fun | 开心学习

Apextar Academy is full of energy and networking opportunities, allowing you to participate in a variety of activities such as sports, talent shows, and friendly matches. You will make more friends with like-minded people.



The Best Support | 最佳服务

From the moment you enrolled till you finished the studies, our Student Support Team will guide you, give you advice, and help you to prepare for your careers.



Music Technology | 流行音乐表演与制作

Software Engineering | 软件工程